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Assisted Living and Comprehensive Care for:

Se observa una mujer mayor recieviendo cuidados.

People needing
post-operative care

Se observa un hombre mayor recibiendo atención.

Elderly people

Se observa una personas en silla de ruedas recibiendo motivación y atención

People with Disabilities


Assisted living and comprehensive care for the elderly and post-operative patients.

We provide home service where caregivers go to the house of the patient.

The main responsibility of the caregiver is to seek a link between him/her and the patient in such a way that the client feels comfortable in their own home.


Daily responsibilities of the caregivers:

  • Procurement of any prescribed medication or treatment.
  • Personal care support
  • Tracking the hygienic conditions of the environment.
  • Supervision of food service.
  • Attendance at medical appointments, as well as enabling the access to health professionals for the comfort of the patient.
  • Company in social activities.
  • Report, inform and provide oral or written communication with the family permanently.
Other responsibilities:
  • Assistance in any type of therapy.
  • Basic health treatment when necessary

At all times, the patient must feel confident with his or her caregivers. This will help the patient  understand the presence of caregivers enables the patient to remain at home and is not an imposition or manipulation by the guardian.